In a heartwarming prelude to World Book Day celebrations, a group of five avid readers have made an impressive mark at the National Literacy Trust’s National Reading Champions Quiz held at Birkenhead School. The event, which attracted 21 teams from 11 different schools across the region, saw our students securing a commendable joint second place in a fiercely competitive round.

The quiz, a celebration of literary knowledge among young readers, featured eight rounds of challenging questions spanning various children’s book genres, from the intriguing realms of Crime and Mystery to the dynamic world of Sport. Despite the tough competition, our team showcased their extensive reading prowess, narrowly missing the chance to advance to the national finals in London by a mere point.

This year marked the first time the school participated in the annual competition, setting a high standard for future entries. The commendable performance of team members Eric T, James R, Isaac B, Oba P and William L not only highlights their personal achievements but also underscores the importance of reading and literacy development among young people.

As World Book Day approaches, the team’s success serves as a timely reminder of the joy and benefits of reading. The school has already expressed its intention to return to the competition next year, hopeful for another chance to shine on the national stage. In the meantime, congratulations are in order for the brilliant bookworms who have represented their school so excellently and have inspired others with their passion for reading.

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