In an enchanting day that captured the imaginations of young minds, students from Calday Grange Grammar School took to the stage at the Floral Pavilion Theatre, presenting a captivating performance of the beloved classic, “Pinocchio”, to an audience of primary school children from across the Wirral.

The event, organised as part of the school’s commitment to community engagement and the arts, saw talented students from various year groups come together to breathe life into the timeless tale of a wooden puppet’s quest to become a real boy. Under the guidance of the school’s dedicated drama department, the cast and crew worked tirelessly for months, honing their skills in acting, set design, and stage management to ensure a performance that was both professional and profoundly moving.

The Floral Pavilion Theatre, known for its commitment to fostering local talent, provided the perfect backdrop for this magical journey, allowing the young audience to immerse themselves fully in the world of Pinocchio. From the mischievous escapades in Pleasure Island to the dramatic rescue from the belly of the whale, the performance was a rollercoaster of emotions, filled with valuable lessons about honesty, bravery, and the power of dreams.

Schools from across the Wirral participated in the event, with hundreds of primary school children attending the performance. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many teachers and students praising the quality of the production and the engaging nature of the performance. “It was a truly magical experience for our pupils,” remarked one primary school teacher. “The message of the story, combined with the enthusiasm and talent of the Calday Grange students, made it a memorable outing.”

Mr. Stephen Gray, Headteacher of Calday Grange Grammar School, expressed his pride in the students’ achievement, stating, “This performance is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and creativity of our students and staff. It’s wonderful to see them share the joy of theatre with younger members of our community, inspiring the next generation to dream big and pursue their passions.”

The success of “Pinocchio” at the Floral Pavilion Theatre marks another milestone in Calday Grange Grammar School’s ongoing mission to promote the arts and community engagement. Plans are already underway for next years performances, with the school committed to offering more opportunities for students to explore their talents and make a positive impact on the community.

As the curtains closed on this magical afternoon, it was clear that the students of Calday Grange Grammar School had not only entertained but had also sparked a love for the performing arts in the hearts of young children across the Wirral, ensuring that the legacy of “Pinocchio” and the lessons it teaches will continue to live on.

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