This week, our school is proud to embrace the richness of human minds by celebrating Neuro Diversity Week. With a series of events and activities planned, we aim to foster an environment of understanding, respect, and appreciation for the neurodiverse members of our community.

Neuro Diversity Week is not just about celebrating those who are neurodiverse; it’s a reminder that our school is a neurodiverse community. Students, staff and parents/carers may all be neurodiverse, and this week is a time to learn about, understand and celebrate the contributions they make to our lives.

We encourage parents and carers to get involved by visiting the Celebrating Neuro Diversity Week Website. The site offers an excellent resources section specifically designed for parents, providing tools and information to support neurodiverse children.

We invite all members of our school community to participate in this important week. Through education, understanding, and celebration, we can all contribute to a more inclusive and supportive environment for everyone.

For more information on the events and activities planned for Neuro Diversity Week, and to access the resources available for parents and carers, please visit the Celebrating Neuro Diversity Week website.

Let’s come together to celebrate the diversity of our minds and the strength it brings to our community.

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