To help learn the Calday site, we have developed a Minecraft world that represents the layout of the school.
You can join from the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft by joining our server.

Server Name: calday
Server Address:
Port: 19132

Please be aware that other users will be able to join the server, functions such as chat are disabled, but users will be able to see each other’s Minecraft usernames.

To join on Bedrock Edition on PC or Mobile:

Open Minecraft and press Play

Click Servers then scroll to the bottom Add Server

Type in the Address and Port (default) listed above then click Save

Click on the Additional Servers then calday then click Join Server

Joining external servers on Nintendo Switch or Microsoft Xbox and PlayStation is not natively supported. It is possible if you run through an extra step demonstrated here (please note the links are to an external site that we have no control over the content of the page or the service they provide):
Here is how Minecraft players can set it up on any console:

  1. Open the device’s system settings.
  2. Navigate to the Internet/Network category.
  3. Click on wired or access point, whichever is applicable to the device.
  4. Click on ‘DNS Settings.’
  5. Switch the DNS to manual from auto.
  6. Change Primary DNS to ‘’
  7. Change Secondary DNS to ‘’
  8. Restart the device.
  9. Open Minecraft.
  10. Clicking on any of the featured servers should now take players to another menu instead of connecting to the server as it would normally.
  11. From there, players can access almost any server.

If you have any issues or questions, please email

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