Curriculum Vision and Implementation

“Our curriculum aims to encourage problem solving skills and a lifelong passion for design. We aim to do this by sowing the seed for critical and creative thinking through embedding a love of designing, making, and providing the opportunity for reflective practice”

Highest academic expectations

GCSE and A Level results / numbers, Arkwright Engineering Scholars scheme.

Succeed in their chosen pathway

Successful Design based placements / career paths each year. Strong portfolio / project management evidence to use in chosen pathways.

Ambition and preparation for life beyond education

Trips outside of the classroom, keynote industry speakers. Extra curricular opportunities. Cross school collaborations projects.

Individual responsibility and respect

Rainbow flag inclusion, plastic recycling projects, contexts to make you think e.g. design for disability. Opportunities to work / learn in a workshop / kitchen.

Academically challenging, ambitious and stimulating curriculum

Curriculum trips and speakers. Ever evolving curriculum and material use. Entry into competitions. Use of modern equipment in projects e.g. CAD/CAM.

A modern education

Embracing change and new technologies, CAD/CAM/CNC equipment, digital platform integration, primary outreach, DATA membership. Use of google classroom.

Develop strength of character and resilience

Extra curricular opportunities, challenging lessons, evolving curriculum. DATA research / collaboration with other schools

Extra curricular diet and personal development opportunities

F1 in schools, Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, 3D Design & Printing club, Plastics Recycling club, Primary school outreach, Cooking club junior and senior, DofE cookery.

Cultural capital

Opportunities for all students across the curriculum, diversity across the curriculum. Part of a STEAM education. Access to a variety of specialist areas within the departments.

Personal and professional excellence and realising potential

HPL philosophy, cross curriculum integration (OWK). Work with local companies / other subjects. Opportunities for alternative pathways.

Success and achievement

Competition success e.g. Rotary Technology Tournament, F1 in schools. Social media profile. Arkwright Engineering Scholars. Staff CPD and flexibility across different areas within D&T. Strong extra curricular presence.

True to subjects core content and concepts

Always evolving curriculum, curriculum journeys, strong staff/student relationships, DATA membership, staff CPD. Skills and materials based curriculum content.

Skills to flourish in the modern world

Relevant and enjoyable curriculum, staff CPD, industry links, competitions, trips, extra curricular.

Future leaders with courage and integrity

Open evenings, peer mentors, inter year group collaboration.

Learning Journey 

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