Curriculum Vision and Implementation

“Our aim is to nurture confident linguists with an interest in other countries and cultures, encouraging them to develop a lifelong love of language-learning and to become proactive global citizens”

Highest academic expectations

Graduates frequently enter Russell group Universities and Oxbridge; positive L3 VA.

Succeed in their chosen pathway

Languages are a facilitating subject for successful University entries for various pathways.

Ambition and preparation for life beyond education

Contact with pupils in other countries builds confidence and an understanding of other cultures and attitudes. We signpost lifepaths with languages and widen pupils’ horizons.

Individual responsibility and respect

Languages cultivates awareness and appreciation of the variety of cultures, mentalities and traditions. Developing independence through researching and delivering Individual Research Projects.

Academically challenging, ambitious and stimulating curriculum

. We include cultural elements in our teaching and a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Languages are academically challenging and we are ambitious for our pupils expecting the vast majority of students to gain a GCSE in a language.

A modern education

In languages we embrace technological advances in the ways the students’ work is delivered and feedback given. Use of variety of platforms to enhance the learning (Quizlet, Blooket, Edpuzzle, Mote and Google rubrics to create feedback dialogues).

Develop strength of character and resilience

HPL values, Attitudes and Attributes are employed to help the pupils to develop independence and metacognitive skills.

Extra curricular diet and personal development opportunities

In Language we participate in National and International competitions, we organise trips to the countries of the target languages and cookery lessons and run a Language society for KS5.

Cultural capital

We increase pupils’ opportunities to travel abroad, which is particularly important for PP pupils. We encourage contact with pupils from partner schools and have arranged private support for pupils using the tutoring programme.

Personal and professional excellence and realising potential

HPL philosophy is being embedded and promoted in all aspects of teaching and learning. Wide range of PD courses undertaken by staff to realise potential.

Success and achievement

We incorporate the VISA scheme and Headteacher award into our celebration of success. We have a Wall of Fame in languages, celebrating the success of winners of in-school, National and International competitions and also sustained, excellent performance. Introducing Languages tie.

True to subjects core content and concepts

We incorporate cultural elements and extracurricular aspects into teaching and learning. Ongoing staff CPD (Lead Practitioners, Masters degree, examiners for Edexcel and AQA).

Skills to flourish in the modern world

Equipping pupils with the skills to work in international companies.

Future leaders with courage and integrity

We use a peer and buddy mentoring system and also KS5 students as TA in class to encourage leadership and support with integrity.

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