Curriculum Vision and Implementation

“Beyond Calday, we hope to have inspired in our students a lifelong passion for reading and a confident ability to communicate their ideas, both creatively and accurately, through the written and spoken word. The aim of the English department is to ignite a passion for books, both classic and contemporary, and foster a love of a range of literature to produce critical readers. Through our curriculum, students will be interested and enthusiastic, and taking ownership of their learning.”

Highest academic expectations

Our academic success is continuing to improve with pupils regularly accessing grade 9.

Succeed in their chosen pathway

We offer both English Language and Literature at A Level, in order to inspire a lifelong passion for our subject. Pupils regularly continue their English studies post 18.

Ambition and preparation for life beyond education

We aim for pupils to become experts in English language and Literature, to unlock passion and to ignite a passion for books.

Individual responsibility and respect

Pupils are encouraged to take ownership of their learning by completing weekly independent learning outside of the classroom, from Y7-13. Our learning is founded in mutual respect.

Academically challenging, ambitious and stimulating curriculum

Pupils enjoy a challenging, adaptive curriculum. Our expectations of pupils are consistently high. They make personal and academic growth.

A modern education

Our curriculum is modern and challenges pupils to delve into current affairs. Pupils will discuss and respond to relevant issues in today’s society, learning how to use their voices as a vehicle for change.

Develop strength of character and resilience

Pupils are directed to reflect regularly on their progress. Using FLASH, pupils are able to identify their own weaknesses and to set their own their own targets.

Extra curricular diet and personal development opportunities

Pupils are invited to Y7 book club, Y8 Debate Club, to attend author visits, visit theatres and to regularly present topics they are passionate about to their peers.

Cultural capital

We study a diverse range of writers in order that we introduce pupils to a range of ideas in order that they are able to foster an appreciation of the writers’ creativity and achievement.

Personal and professional excellence and realising potential

Pupils regularly achieve the highest grades at both GCSE and A Level. This platform of excellence has provided a foundation for pupils to study English at Oxbridge post 18.

Success and achievement

The success and achievement of our pupils informs everything we do in the class room. We have built an environment of celebrating individual and shared success and use a variety of ways to award pupils and celebrate their achievements.

True to subjects core content and concepts

Students demonstrate a breadth of knowledge in four domains: literary studies, complex composition, rhetoric and linguistics.

Skills to flourish in the modern world

Pupils should aim become experts in English, in all four domains. Pupils will be able to communicate confidently.

Future leaders with courage and integrity

Pupils are reflective, resilient and opinionated. They have the courage to communicate their opinions with sophistication.

Learning Journey 

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