Curriculum Vision and Implementation

“Our aim is to deliver a Geography education that allows young people to understand their place within the world and to explore their interactions with both the physical and human realms now, and in the future. The subject of Geography should inspire curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that can remain with students for the rest of their lives. Geography equips students with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes, essential for a sustainable future in an uncertain world”

Highest academic expectations

High expectations to achieve their best results at A level and GCSE. Use of model answers, examiner feedback and clear links to Assessment Objectives.

Succeed in their chosen pathway

Encouragement to ‘Think like a Geographer’ make connections and see the Big Picture. Links to the real world and current affairs.

Ambition and preparation for life beyond education

High expectations for all students to achieve in lessons, exams and at university or in their chosen career pathways.

Individual responsibility and respect

Respectful and responsible classroom attitudes. Mutual respect and acknowledgement between staff and students.

Academically challenging, ambitious and stimulating curriculum

Discussion of topics ‘beyond the specification’ and continued links to world events and other academic subjects.

A modern education

Constant links to current affairs and world events, links to technology and up to date data. Use of platforms such as Google Classroom to deliver lessons and make resources available for students.

Develop strength of character and resilience

Variety of learning tasks, fieldwork activities, investigation work at KS3, GCSE and A level. Provision of learning materials to develop independence.

Extra curricular diet and personal development opportunities

Fieldwork activities at A level beyond the statutory requirements. Residential visits to Iceland and London. Conference visits. Variety of online resources for research.

Cultural capital

Links to news, current affairs, politics on diverse topics such as climate change, migration, inequality and global development.

Personal and professional excellence and realising potential

CPD opportunities including NPQ awards, leaders of school INSET, Senior Examiner roles with awarding bodies.

Success and achievement

Celebrating success with achievement points, VISA and Headteacher awards. Modelling success and good student practice in the classroom with examples of excellent student work

True to subjects core content and concepts

A geography curriculum which is both traditional and progressive. Continual emphasis on links between topics, between Physical and Human Geography and between geography and other disciplines.

Skills to flourish in the modern world

Awareness of important global and local issues. Engagement in debates, appreciation of perspectives. Confidence in understanding complex data.

Future leaders with courage and integrity

Allowing space for individual thought, world-wide awareness and courage to present views without prejudice.

Learning Journey 

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