Curriculum Vision and Implementation

“The department engages its students in the rigorous academic and impartial study of religion, fostering learned understanding and critical knowledge of religion, ethics and philosophy. Students develop analytical and critical thinking skills, the ability to work with abstract ideas, teamwork and research skills. Our goal is to prepare students to meet the needs of a pluralistic world, with its great challenges of religions impacting nationality, race, power structures and gender”

Highest academic expectations

Positive GCSE and A Level results, helping students to have choices for their future

Succeed in their chosen pathway

Robust and broad-ranging curriculum which enables students to acquire a range of transferable skills

Ambition and preparation for life beyond education

Encouraging students to strive and aim high; development of ‘moral compass’

Individual responsibility and respect

Embedded into the curriculum, in particular, a focus on prejudice and discrimination

Academically challenging, ambitious and stimulating curriculum

The introduction of a discrete philosophy course for Year 11 ; tasks and activities which challenge students to collaborate and grapple with complex moral issues such as creating their own society and rules

A modern education

Links to current affairs such as war, medical and ethical issues; crosscurricular links such as legal and business ethics and globalisation

Develop strength of character and resilience

Requiring students to show tenacity when working with complex theories and texts

Extra curricular diet and personal development opportunities

School trips to places of worship such as mosques, gurdwaras; our links to REFILWE; weekly PULSE club (Christian Union)

Cultural capital

Our curriculum from Year 7 to Year 13 repeatedly links student learning to other cultures / world views / world approaches , celebrating inclusivity, challenging stereotypes and exploring human rights

Personal and professional excellence and realising potential

Students are challenged to have substance behind their views and understand the views different to their own, to prepare them for life beyond the classroom

Success and achievement

Making full use of school initiatives such as VISAs, achievement points and Headteacher Awards

True to subjects core content and concepts

Students explore existential ideas and belief systems, approaches to morality and they are embedded in different faiths around the world

Skills to flourish in the modern world

Emphasis on higher level thinking skills and teamwork

Future leaders with courage and integrity

Speaking up for truth and what is right; challenging discriminatory behaviour, protecting individual rights & autonomy; awareness of impact on others

Learning Journey 

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