In a ceremony held at the Bridge Chapel in Liverpool on Wednesday 6th March 2024, two Year 13 students from Calday Grange Grammar School, who also serve as Police Cadets with Merseyside Police, were honoured for their exemplary service and leadership in the annual Merseyside Police Cadet programme awards.

Ben S, known for his commitment and integrity, received the prestigious Ambassador Award. This accolade recognises Ben’s significant contributions as a role model within the cadet community, highlighting his leadership qualities and his ability to inspire his peers. Not only does Ben actively participate in Cadet operations – showcasing the positive impact young people can have in their communities – but he also holds the role of High Sheriff Cadet of Merseyside. In this position, Ben has accompanied the High Sheriff on many civic, religious, community and royal engagements – representing the cadet programme and Merseyside Police at the highest level. 

His commitment to the role, and his many voluntary endeavours in the community outside of the position, was recognised by the High Sheriff, Dr Ruth Hussey CB OBE DL, as Ben was also awarded the High Sheriff’s Award for Services to the Community.

Jake S was awarded the esteemed Chief Constables Award by Serena Kennedy, Chief Constable of Merseyside Police, for his outstanding dedication to public service. Jake’s unparalleled commitment and his proactive engagement in community events have set a high standard for what it means to serve the community. His involvement in programmes that intersect with public service, such as Sale Sharks, Careers Events and Cadet talks, underscores his dedication to making a difference in the lives of others.

The awards night not only celebrated the individual achievements of these young men but also shone a light on the vital role the Police Cadets play in fostering a sense of duty, leadership and community engagement among young people. The recognition of Ben and Jake’s efforts are a testament to the positive influence that dedicated young individuals can exert on their communities, and their achievements serve as an inspiration to their peers and the wider community alike.

As members of the Calday Grange Grammar School and Merseyside Police Cadets, Ben and Jake embody the values of service, leadership, and commitment. Their accolades at the annual cadet awards are well-deserved, celebrating not just their individual accomplishments but also the spirit of the cadet programme in shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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