What we offer?

We encourage all of our students to broaden their horizons through involvement in enrichment activities. These activities form a major part of our school’s ethos. Our extensive programme includes: 

Drama, Music (Choir, Band, Orchestra), Cookery, Robotics, some special interests clubs such as Quizzing, Nature, Politics to name a few. We also offer a wide range of sporting activities, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Hockey, Multi Gym, Netball, Rugby, Sailing, Swimming, Tennis and Table Tennis!

We value our ability to offer such a broad range of opportunities, however in this time of ever decreasing funds and continued financial burden upon schools, we are unable to maintain the full range of enrichment activities without your help. 

The importance of enrichment activities at school is well established. The primary goals of enrichment activities focus on the individual student level, the institutional level, and the broader community level. These activities exist to complement the school’s academic curriculum and to enhance the student’s educational experience.

Enrichment Fund

Because we understand the importance of enrichment activities and appreciate the benefits of participation for our students, it is essential that we provide the best possible opportunities at Calday Grange Grammar School.

We are able to do this with your support through the Student Enrichment Fund.

Over the past few years we have collected a voluntary contribution from parents of £60 per year, equivalent to £5 per month, that has allowed us to fund/ part-fund the following;

  • ​Year 7 transition meeting area
  • New athletics facilities (long jump and discus/shot cage)
  • A new school minibus
  • Celebrating Diversity Eco Planting
  • Ceramic room (new for 2022/23)
  • Plastic recycling and manufacturing programme

For those of you who wish to continue to support the programme, and for those new to the school, there are 2 methods of contributing;

2023-24 Target


What will your contribution be used for?

Funds raised will be used to directly support enrichment activities including, but not limited to:

  • Drama workshops and productions
  • Lunchtime activities and clubs
  • Music rehearsals and concerts
  • Robotics, coding and special interest clubs
  • School Sports – competition entry, affiliate fees,
    we do not charge students for travel to play at away fixtures
    or for the cost of additional specialist sporting couches.

What it will not be used for:

We will not use these funds to support the general running of the school or for any activities that are funded by a separate source. 

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