Which subjects will you choose?

Watch the Year 9 Options video.

This will give you an overview of the subjects available to choose from and why you should consider choosing that subject. 

Once you’ve listened to each subject it’s time to choose which you would like to do in Year 9!

Your Choice

You can pick both of your languages


You can pick any
one of your current languages and one of the following:

• Graphics
• Drama
• Food and Nutrition
• Business/Enterprise

Please Note:

  • You MUST choose one from each option
  • You MUST choose one language that you currently do
  • You CAN choose both languages
  • Over-subscription – Look at teacher recommendations and performance
  • You MUST pick a reserve subject

Option 1









Option 2






Food and Nutrition





Combinations which are not possible are:

  • Chinese and Drama
  • Chinese and Food and Nutrition
  • Russian and Graphics

There are limited classes and these are in the same option blocks

You can still pick up a new subject for GCSE in Year 10.You will make those choices along with all your GCSE choices at the end of Year 9:
Business, Graphics, Food and Nutrition, Drama

So for example: Spanish, Russian and Drama

  • Pick Russian and Spanish now
  • Pick Drama at the end of Year 9


Please speak to Mr Adamson or Mrs Dailey

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